PID Line Follower Code


Download the code for Proportional Integral Differential (PID) Algorithm based Line Follower. This program uses the Pololu QTR-8RC Line Sensor. The microcontroller boards supported is Arduino Nano and Arduino UNO only. L298 or L293D or similar Motor Driver is supported. Only Atmel Studio is Supported.

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Specification of PID Line Follower Code

  • Two different versions of code are provided
  • Proportional Differential Algorithm
  • Auto Sensor Calibration
  • QTR-8RC Sensor
  • L298 / L293D Motor Driver or any similar driver will work
  • Arduino Uno / Nano support only
  • Use constant Voltage Power Supply for consistent performance
  • The code is for Atmel Studio NOT Arduino IDE
  • Schematics are also provided

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