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Arnab Kumar Das (Crazy Engineer)

Hey! this is Arnab Kumar Das, you can also call me the Crazy Engineer. By birth I am an Indian, by profession, an Electronics and Communication Engineer; other than that, I am a free soul who loves to explore the world and various cuisines and make weird funky gizmos. Apart from that I also love clicking pictures, because I feel they are a tangible form of memories.

Electronic appliances have always amazed me. As a kid, I used to open up every gadget that could possibly be dissected. I was 14 when I first had a taste of ‘successful solo creation’, a CLAP Switch — a switch that works with ‘clap’ sounds!! that was the beginning, the zeal increased with time.

While pursuing my bachelor’s degree with Electronics and Communications major, from Lovely Professional University, India, I had the opportunity to explore more. It was during this period when I started capturing the process and hustle of making my projects. Gradually I compiled these clips into properly organized and edited videos, which you can find at Arnab Das YouTube channel.

Being from the land of Upanishads and Vedas, I believe knowledge is that superior wealth that no thief can steal and when shared it keeps on increasing; and this is the sole reason behind these blogs and my YouTube channel. I want to share whatever knowledge I have gained to date. I would love to share not only my successful projects but also the hardships I faced during the journey. Hope you would walk with me too.

Professional Work Experience

Development Engineer

Signify N.V.

Dates Employed : Aug 2020 – Present (Full-time)
Location : Bengaluru, India

🔸 Working for Product Software R&D Team
🔸 Researching and Developing various IOT Enabled Philips Hue Products

Senior Software Engineer

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Dates Employed : Feb 2020 – Aug 2020 (Full-time)
Location : Bengaluru, India

🔸 AUTOSAR RTE Developer for SAE Level 5 Driverless Cars

Software Engineer

Robert Bosch Gmbh

Dates Employed : Sep 2019 – Jan 2020 (Full-time)
Location : Stuttgart Area, Germany

🔸 AUTOSAR RTE Developer for SAE Level 5 Driverless Cars.

BSW Developer for SAE Level 5 Driverless Cars

Dates Employed : Aug 2018 – Aug 2019
Location : Bengaluru Area, India

🔸 Worked for Future Mobility
🔸 Worked on NVIDIA DRIVE PX for Configuration and Testing of Autonomous Driving
🔸 Developed Base Software for fully automated (SAE Level 4) and driverless (SAE Level 5)
🔸 AUTOSAR Component Configuration
🔸 FlexRay Configuration and Testing
🔸 Ethernet Configuration and Testing
🔸 CAN Configuration and Testing

Associate Software Engineer

Dates Employed : Aug 2017 – Jul 2018
Location : Bengaluru Area, India

🔸 Developed Embedded Low-Level Driver for STM32 MCU used in smart kitchen product
🔸 Developed Texas Instruments’ DLP Projection Controller Driver and Interfacing with MCU
🔸 Calibration of DLP Projection System [ Hardware and Software ]
🔸 Assisted Product certification for a consumer electronics smart kitchen product
🔸 Lab test setup for DLP projection systems and testing of them

POC Development & Winner Delta Electronics Advanced Automation Challenge 2017

Delta Electronics

Dates Employed : May 2017 – Jul 2017
Location : WJ China

I have made a POC with Delta Electronics which is the World’s First Portable Infinite X-Axis CNC with Vertical Engraving. We in a team of 3, made this full-sized industrial CNC for the 4th Delta Automation Challenge, China with a budget of 18000USD. We participated and represented India for the first time and won the First Prize among more than 72 teams from all around the world.

Electronics Head And Deputy Head of Technical Student Organization RISC-LPU

Lovely Professional University

Dates Employed : Jan 2014 – Jan 2017 (Part-Time)
Location : RISC-LPU, Jalandhar Area, India

I was the Electronics Head of a Technical Student Organization in our college Lovely Professional University, Punjab for three years and worked as Deputy Head in Last Year. My responsibility was to share technical knowledge through workshops, events, and making DIY Projects.

Academic Projects

• Designed an Industrial CNC for Infinite X-Axis Operation for Delta Electronics International Automation Challenge (2017)
Made the CNC in Collaboration with Delta Electronics China, Thailand, India, and Lovely Professional University and won First Prize in Competition in WJ, China. CLICK TO KNOW MORE 

• CNC based Drawing machine (2017)
Made a CNC machine at a low cost to draw or write on any flat surface using any ink-based medium.

• Li-Ion Laptop Power Bank (2017)
Made a Li-Ion-powered battery bank with DC to DC converters.

• IoT based Health Monitoring System (2017)
Made an IOT based Health Monitoring System using ESP8266 to connect to Wi-Fi and upload Biological Vital signs to the website.

• IOT based Smart Dustbin (2017)
Made a dustbin that measures its fullness and uploads that data to a web server.

• RFID and Barcode Scanner Based Smart Shopping Solution (2017)
Made a smart trolley that connects using Bluetooth with a mobile barcode scanner and completes the automated cashless transactions at the end of shopping. 

• Full Featured GUI Mobile Phone Using LPC2148 ARM7 Microcontroller (2016) 
Made a Mobile Phone capable of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS with RTC and Calendar using ARM7.

• Speed Based Auto Ignition System in HYBRID Go-Kart, Speedometer, Bluetooth Mobile Lock, Pollution Monitoring, Anti Collision Alert (2016) 
Designed a Hybrid Go-Kart for HGKC competition that runs both on Petrol and Electricity with smart features using Atmel AVR Microcontroller.

• LabVIEW based Inertial Measurement Unit Interfacing and Motion Tracking (2016)
Implemented Gyroscope and Accelerometer Interfacing to track object orientation in real-time in LabVIEW. 

• Health Monitoring System with Emergency SMS Alert (2016) 
Designed a patient monitoring system that senses abnormality in Heart Rate and Temperature and alerts the doctor and family through SMS.

• RFID and SMS Based Train Ticket Reservation System (2016)
Made a reservation system on which passengers can buy Local Train Tickets using prepaid RFID cards and get SMS Tickets instantly.

• Mars Rover, University Rover Challenge, Mars Society USA (2015)
Designed a remotely controlled rover capable of working on Mars-like Terrain.

• Automated Welding Robot Arm (2015)
Made a servo motor-based Industrial Welding Robot Model.

• Face Recognition Based Door Lock Using Raspberry Pi (2015)
Used Raspberry Pi and Open CV package to implement Face Recognition using PCA to Open and Close Door Locks.

• Ultrasonic Based Proportional Wall Follower (2015)
Used multiple Ultrasonic sensors to make a parallel wall follower robot using AVR Atmega328p and Proportional Algorithm.

• Remote Control Two Wheel Drive Car (2015)
Made an RC car with all parts hand-made with Wood, Plastic, and Aluminium and a customized gearbox to get 20Km/hr. speed. 

• Remote Control Water Boat (2015)
Made a lightweight RC boat with Propeller based propulsion system and servo motor controlled rudder.

• Remote Control Airplane (2015)
Made an RC Aeroplane with propeller based propulsion system using an Ultralight High-Density Foam and employing a high-efficiency BLDC motor for propulsion.

• Electric Bike with Face Recognition Handel Lock for E-Bike Racing Competition (2015) 
Designed an Electric Bike that can run at a maximum speed of 60km/hr with a road run time of 3 hours.

• Artificial Electronics controlled Greenhouse (2015) 
Made a Greenhouse capable of maintaining Life Supporting characteristics like temperature, humidity, and light for plant growth electronically.

• Smartphone based Bluetooth controlled Lock/Unlock Vehicle and Ignition System (2015) 
Designed a Bluetooth protected lock and ignition system for Vehicles to stop the theft of vehicles.

• Wireless Electric Energy Consumption Meter with Load Control (2015) 
Used 2.4Ghz NRF24L01 for wireless data acquisition for billing and load control and monitoring of multiple Energy Meters.

• Designed a HYBRID vehicle that runs on Engine and Motor (2015)
Designed a Go-Kart with dual propulsion Electric and Fuel Based Engine with self-made Digital Speedometer and Password Lock.

• 9-Axis fusion (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer) based Motion Tracking (2014) 
Designed a motion tracking device to track hand movement using 9-Axis Data Fusion.

• Advance PID control based Autonomous Line Follower Robot (2014) 
Implemented Analog Control System’s Proportional Integral and Differential Control Algorithm in Path Following Robot.

• Water Rocket (2013)
Studied aerodynamics by making water bottles filled with compressed gas rockets. 

• Electric Tram Transport System Project for Lovely Professional University (2013) 
The aim of the project is to make an autonomous Electrical Tram that can run on Campus for Transport.

• Human Detection based Street Light Control (2013) 
Designed a smart street light that automatically switches on in presence of any Human on road.

• Made my own PCB of Development Board using Eagle (2013) 
Designed and made my own PCB for my Microcontroller Development Board.

• Electric Solar vehicle (2013) 
Made a Solar and Battery powered Go-Kart with Battery Level Indicator. The vehicle could run on batteries and also Solar. 

• Very Basic Line Follower Robot (2013) 
Used some basic gates and a motor driver to make a basic line follower.