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Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Visit PCBWay website


  2. Choose the service you are looking for

    They have services like Standard PCB, Advanced PCB, PCB Assembly, FPC, Stencil etc. Let us select Standard PCB as an example.

  3. Generate Instant Quote

    You have to fill the PCB Specification Selection and click on Calculate. This will show you an estimate of cost of manufacturing as well as shipping.
    Incase you need the SMD-Stencil or Assembly Service you can enable that too.

  4. PCB Specification Selection

  5. SMD Stencil Specification

    Fill in the specification for SMD Stencil.

  6. Assembly Service Specification

    Fill in the specification for PCB Assembly.

  7. Enter Your Email and Add to Cart

    Enter your valid email into the Email placeholder and click on Save to Cart, this will save the specification and Login Page will appear.

  8. Enter Account Details / Login

    If you are new to the website you can create a new account or you can also login with your credentials.

  9. Upload Gerber and Drill File

    Next step is to upload the gerber and drill files. It is recommended to zip the files and upload them at once.

  10. Order Verification

    The order will be processed by one customer associate from PCBWay and will be shown verified in sometime. You can then start the payment process.

  11. Address and Payment

    Next step is to fill the delivery details and choose the shipping option. The final step is to do the payment, you can use PayPal and other popular payment methods.

  12. Wait for the shipment to arrive

    Once the payment is successful they will start the manufacturing and it is just a matter of time you will receive the package.

    Thanks for reading this project, I highly appreciate your time and effort.

Crazy Engineer



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