How to Install Arduino IDE and Drivers? : Introduction

In this tutorial you will learn how to Install Arduino IDE and Arduino Serial Drivers to uses any Arduino Hardware in your project. 

Download the Arduino Software (IDE)

You can directly download the Arduino 1.8.7 from the above link or visit Arduino’s Download Page to choose between the Installer (.exe) and the Zip packages.

It is recommended to install using the above Execuatable Installer as it will install the required drivers and you don’t have to intall it manually. 

Installation Steps

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Installation Steps for Arduino IDE and Drivers

  1. License Agreement

    Please Accept the License Agreement to proceed with the Installation Process of Arduino IDE and Drivers. License Agreement of Arduino IDE

  2. Installation Options

    Choose the options you required. If you are Installing for the first time it is recommened to select the Driver option also.Installation Option Arduino IDE

  3. Installation Folder

    Select the preferred Installation Directory.Folder Selection Arduino Installation

  4. Installation Progress

    Installation Progress Arduino

  5. Arduino Driver Installation

    Trust and Install Arduino Drivers when the system will askArduino Drivers

  6. Testing Arduino and COM Port Selection 

    Connect the Arduino Board and open the Arduino Application. Go to Tools->Port and then Select the COM Port which represents your Arduino Board. If you are using a clone board then you may not see the “Arduino” after it. Com Port Selection for Arduino

  7. Arduino Board Selection 

    Select the Arduino Board that you are using. Select this carefully as wrong selection will lead to failed upload of program. Arduino Board Selection

  8. Processor / Microcontroller Selection 

    Select the proper Microcontroller you have on your Hardware Board. Cross check and select the correct one as wrong choice will give programming error. 
    Arduino MCU Selection

  9. Test the Arduino Board using Blink Application 

    Go to File->Examples->01.Basics->Blink and open the Blink Program of Arduino that will blink an on Board orange LED every 1 Second. This will verify your Toolchain and Hardware Setup.Blink Arduino Program

  10. Build your Arduino Program 

    Select the “Upload” / “->” Arrow Button. The Sketch should Compile.Program Compilation Using Arduino

  11. LED Blink Program Upload

    After the program is flashed and you get “Done uploading” the On-Board LED should flash every 1 Second. This Confirms everything is working as expected. 
    LED Blinking and Flashing Arduino

Happy Coding 

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